L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that has several beneficial effects on the human body. Two of the most striking effects are: improvement of blood circulation and improvement of high blood pressure. L-Arginine also helps to strengthen the immune system and positively influences male libido. If you combine L-Arginine and folic acid you get protection against cardiovascular disease. It is the constant production of nitric oxide in the blood vessels that protects against infarction. Nitric oxide dilates the vascular walls, resulting in an improvement in blood circulation. By increasing nitric oxide L-Arginine gives elasticity to the arteries, helps lower blood pressure and improves erectile function. In the sports community L-Arginine is mainly used to improve the muscle pump, the hemo-dilatory action allows this effect. It is the presence of nitric oxide that gives this sensation and without knowing it, the athletes benefit from the more general effects cited above. For people with type 2 diabetes, L-Arginine combined with a healthy diet reduces insulin resistance and increases glucose tolerance. Taking L-Arginine will bring you a panoply of benefits undoubtedly ignored by many, especially gym enthusiasts


Denys Jr Lajeunesse

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